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ISBN: 978 0340409121
This book is about how the animals of the world, once all a dull color, acquired their furs and spots and stripes and horns, and how Zebra's greedy appetite caused him to get his particular coloring.


ISBN: 978 0340413193
Hippo was too hot when he lived on the land. So one day he asked to be allowed to live in the water, and when he jumped in, he found he couldn`t swim! This is the story of why Hippo opens his mouth so wide.

ISBN: 978 0340486986
Leopard and Crocodile keep bothering little Crafty Chameleon so he decides to play a trick on them. This is the story of why Crafty Chameleon changes colour and hides when he hears you coming.
ISBN: 978 0340516249
When Elephant trod on Tricky Tortoise for the three hundred and thirty-second time, Tortoise devised a cunning plan to teach Elephant a lesson. This is the story of how Tricky Tortoise proved that brains are often better than strength or size.
ISBN: 978 0340565650
Lazy Lion orders the other animals to build him a house. They do their best, but Lion is proud and very difficult to please. This is the story of how Lazy Lion found his home on the great African Plain.
ISBN: 978 0340580486
This is the story of how Leopard came to lie in wait in the trees and why you just might hear Baby Baboon laughing and laughing. Leopard is hungry, but he is also lazy. How will he catch his dinner? Leopard recruits the help of Baboon and Baby Baboon to trap Hare whom he plans to eat for his dinner. But Leopard is outwitted and Baby Baboon laughs and laughs.
ISBN: 978 0340626852
Hungry Hyena steals Fish Eagle's dinner and sets off a chain of events which leads to disastrous results ... This is the story of how Hungry Hyena came to slink about on the great African Plain with his stumpy tail, while Fish Eagle soars in the clouds.
ISBN: 978 0340945193
In the days long ago, Giraffe was the noisiest animal on the Great African Plain. This is the story of how the Littlest Egret proved to Laughing Giraffe that you don't need to be loud to be heard.
ISBN: 978 0340945216
Long ago, Elephant had a tiny tail and a very small trunk, which made him look Enormous. Ostrich and Python were short and stumpy as well. Then an encounter with Crocodile changed eveything, and now Elephant looks Just Right.
ISBN: 978 0340970348
Warthog was not always warty. He used to be handsome and smooth and vain. But his superior ways finally upset the other animals, with startling results.
ISBN: 978 0340970324
Crocodile lived under the Mango tree and would not allow the other animals have any mangoes, even when it was so dry there was nothing else to eat. This is the story of how Monkey tricked Crocodile into sharing his food.
ISBN: 978 0340989357
Bumping Buffalo liked to bump. He had great big horns with a huge pad in the middle, just right for bumping the other animals. This is the story of how Buffalo went looking for trouble and found it.
ISBN: 978 0340989371
Rhino was so short- sighted he would run at anything that moved. Finally brave little Tickbird stood up to Rhino, challenged him to stop running around, and won the contest.
ISBN: 978 1444926194
Cheetah was the colour of sand all over. She didn't have to run and chase the animals on the sandy plain, they tripped over her. Then came a fire. This is the story of how Cheetah got her coat and learned to run.