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BRUCE HOBSON writes a series of animal fables as Mwenye Hadithi (pronounced m-when-yay hadee thee).

The new Hadithi story Sleepy Cheetah was published in 2016.

Watch out for The Wild Fluffalump in 2017, the story that makes baby elephants irresistably cuddly! I wrote this for Tusk Trust, to make elephants more huggable for future generations. Find a Selfie of him on this site somewhere!

Now my daughter is grown up, I experiment with adventure stories and similar yarns for an older age-group. A teenage adventure that takes a group of kids out of their cold English school and sets them in a mysterious adventure on the sunnier wilder shores of Zanzibar and its deserted island coast is looking for a publisher.

There are also scripts for various children’s animation projects in the works.

The series Tinga Tinga Tales recently exploded onto the screens of younger viewers.

I scripted some 25 episodes of this children’s animation project, currently entertaining on BBC and Disney channels.

With a lifetime of worldwide surfing adventures under my belt, my main work in progress might be described as `Zen and the art of surfing as a travel romance`. It is hard to pin down, but hugely entertaining. Every time I read what I have written so far (now on about the 50th re-reading) I still laugh out loud all the time. I hope my readers will too. I only intend to write one great and funny novel that will resonate with readers forever, and Making Waves is it.